aerial photo

The Waterways and Gardens









800-Sunflower Visiter800-Pollination 











Flower Gardens




waterplants 2






800-aug 2013 017 Turtle Nursery




In the Beginning -The Huglebeds from Above




800-Pond 1 Hugel Diverstiy

Hugelbed Diversity One Year Later



800-From the porch winter

Hugels in the Winter







800-Big Pond Looking east

The Big Pond Looking East







800-Aligators in DaytonAlligators in Dayton????







 800-Magic Places  Magic Places











800-dayton may 2013 b 082   Lilacs











800-Laughing Buddah   800-Garden fairy   


800-Poppies with YurtPoppies with Meditation Yurt





800-Quan Yin    800-Garden-Buddah

More Friends





800-dayton may 2013 014 Mature Apple Trees





800-dayton may 2013 b 011 Mushroom Forrest





       800-Over Looking Pond 2

Beta Pond at Creation                                     After One Year


The Lake and Spillway

               800-In the Big Pond Spill Way

In the Beginning -                                               One Year Later




800-dayton may 2013 b 050

The Lake with Flathead Lake in the Background







800-dayton may 2013 b 092     800-Parsnip Yarrow B. Buttons










 800-Next generation Trees

The Next Generation











Sunset with Full Moon








800-full moon             The End