Sepp Holzer’s American Pilot Project

800-waterways dayton 


2200sqf Home

1700 sqf Strawbale House

2 Timber Frame Cabins 12x12x15



           25 Acres East Facing Savanna Hillside Rich in Native Plants with  

                  stunning views of Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountain Range 

20 Acres of Sloped Fenced Pastures Perfect for Livestock   

       15 Acres of River Birch, Aspen, Cottenwood, Marsh/Wetlands 

15 Acres of Hugelcultures, Ponds, Waterways & Gardens 



    We are happy to introduce a one of a kind project and opportunity  

    designed by Sepp Holzer in May 2012. (





A thriving complex of winding hugels that create courtyards filled  


with permanent raised beds. The hugels are stocked with perennial  


and self-seeding annual plants. The hugel courtyard, featuring over 1  


kilometers of 6’ hugels, is sub-irrigated by surrounding ponds. Much  


of the courtyard has already been fenced and has additional  


irrigation installed for the hugels raised beds and gardens. The  


irrigation is primarily fed by the uppermost pond and features a  


back-up pump that draws water directly from the lower ponds.  



 The 3 acres of waterways feature seven distinct water bodies that can  


be individually regulated. The energized and crystal clear waters of  


the ponds vary in depth up to 16’ and are primed for a natural  


aquaculture system; they already host fish and crawdad populations.  


Each pond has a unique role in the system such as a fish nursery, a  


swimming hole, providing irrigation, a wildlife habitat & turtle  


nursery, or growing garden mulch.




The rest of the land features 25 acres of beautiful gentle accessible hillside rich in a variety of wildflowers and native plantsas well as 

20 acres of sloped fenced pastures with stunning views over Flathead Lake and  


          the Mission Mountains.






The Buildings:  

a house bnb 

House #1: 2200 sq., 2 story.   

2 1/2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Large living area, open kitchen, deck and  

patio, large natural stone Fireplace. Electric heat, wood stove.  

Completely remodeled in 2010. New pluming, new electric, new metal  

roof. Beautiful interior finishing’s with an artistic touch including a  

concrete painted kitchen counter and natural tile custom shower.  



IMG 4995 


House #2: 1700sqf.

Super insulated straw bale construction. 1200 sq. of  

living space with open kitchen with beautiful finished concrete kitchen  

island and painted concrete window sills. 500 sq. sunroom with floor  

heating. Composting toilet and bathroom facilities, Clawfoot tub. Soap Stone Wood stove.  

Plumbed for traditional flushing toilet system. Interior finish is rustic but elegant.




                         P 20150224 125425                                                               

House #4: 2 12X12" Timber frame cabins.

Separate, but connected through  a common roof.

Insulated, plumbed for wood stove, hot water for shower heated  

through wood stove. 15" high ceilings, sleeping lofts and outdoor kitchen.

Build on posts so the structure can be easily moved.


 In addition to these buildings there is a two car garage and an old barn




The opportunities are endless. The whole place is designed to host multiple  


      enterprises that can include: a place for weddings or educational workshops,


a market garden, a permaculture plant, nursery, aquaculture farm, organic fowl farm,



mushroom cultivation, honey production, on farm vegetable sales,


seed business, u-pick farm, worm/ insect farm, and animal and fruit production


 simply a wonderful place to build your dream home overlooking the Flathead Lake,

the sailboat harbor and the Mission Mountains.



or check out our video on youtube  






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