A little about the history, the roots of how these waterways and gardens came to be.

The Adventure Begins




Shortly after I moved to the land in Dayton I noticed that the wetland in front of my window was practically a dead zone. The water was sluggish and brown and nothing not even the knapweed wanted to grow there. The feeling that the energy needed to be unblocked in that area became stronger and stronger. I did not want to mess it up and I did not feel I had the “know how” in what to do, so I asked for help. I contacted Sepp Holzer, an Austrian farmer,  whom had been recommended by a dear friend. I teach in Austria, so I stopped by his place, the Kramerterhof. In the 60 years Sepp has lived at the Kramerterhof, which lies in the "Siberia of Austria",  he has turned it into a place of harmony. I told him that my place was part of the Flathead Reservation and he immediately agreed to come and help. Little did I know what that agreement would unleash.


In short, he came in May 2012, and without having ever looked at the land nor engaged in preparation, he began to transform the land.



Before he came people heard through the grapevine about him coming. I had no awareness when I contacted him that he was the “Dalai Lama” of Permaculture, but people from everywhere wanted to learn from him. One hundred people came together to be part of the once-in-a-lifetime event and create a Sepp Holzer installation, the largest in North America, as it turns out. Not only did he create the installation in the moment, but he also taught 100 people imprompto during the process.



The other preparation that took place was the communication with the Kootenai People. I felt very strongly about respecting the heritage of the land. I love this land. It nurtures me and anyone that steps on it, and I feel very protective about it. The blessing of the original inhabitants was crucial to the process, so I met with the elders and asked for their blessing. I am very grateful that before we moved the first speck of dirt, the spiritual leader of the Kootenai came and gave a blessing for all of us. He blessed us; the land did not need it .......of course.



The next two weeks Sepp went to work. I had some ideas of what I thought would turn the energy blockage around but Sepp thought a “tad” bigger than me. I feel like I asked for a lollipop and he gave me the candy store. He created the foundation of an entire system that will feed and support itself in time, nurturing itself as it grows. It is our task now to care and learn from it. Only a couple of weeks later we began to see the transformation in the clarity and vitality of the water.





The sentence that Sepp repeats over and over whenever someone talks to him is:



“The most important thing is to listen”



A lost art, to be sure.  I am here to tell you, Sepp, we are learning to listen, all of us.



Words don’t seem to express my thanks to Sepp and to everyone who was part of this amazing, live changing process. You gave us your energy and resources and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In love and gratitude always,