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 The book contains 22 of Katharina's poems and 23 of Wolfgang's Aquarell paintings


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Moon Maiden


The Moon Maiden

Her world the deep, the unconscious

Filled with shadows, dancing in the silver light.


I see her walking on the moonbeam

Across the water with light steps

Crossing the body of the senses.

Her soft, rich womb welcoming all fears

Easily transcended in the light.


The moon maiden, laughing like a bubbling brook

As she plays in the world of shadows

Covered by the blanket of the night

Crystal bells accompanying her song

Eerie caressing the silvery beam of the moon.


Moon maiden, your empire the world of dreams

In splendor.

Your essence present in every pore of my being

As I drink your sweet nectar that flows in the light.





2010-12-31 14.04.40






Kiss of remembrance


In the full moon night I have been kissed into remembrance

And my body softens, melting into the caress.

Seeing the constant vigilance that every cell has become accustomed to so clearly.

The dark shadow plays against the bright of the light

A longing of fulfilment wants to make it present and falls short,

Drops into the void,

The remembrance stands, cells expanding fully into juicy warmth energized by the flow.

Oh how I can forget this delicious dream.

But not today.

Today I am kissed into remembrance.


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