Thoughts on Peace


I am not against war

                  I embrace peace

I am not against hate

                 I nurture compassion

I am not against fighting

                 I learn understanding

I am not against lies

                 I search for truth

I heard you say” We must fight for Peace”

So I am asking you

”How will we bring Peace into this world when we rage war against ourselves?”


Deep down inside, the darkest fears and nightmares

Wounds, perceived inadequacies and judgments

Shunned, not seen, not wanted

Growing steadily, in tight cages

Becoming monsters that walk the streets

Killing children, raping women, torturing men

And with greedy eyes looking for more, more and more...


A proposal, a new idea perhaps

Let’s invite them for tea

“One lump or two?” you might offer

Trying a yes instead of no’s


And then, as you are sitting with each other

Eye to eye,

Seeing the other clearly

Uncovering monsters as imposters,

Judgment can melt into the absence of belief

And in the absence of belief love shines,

Towing peace and compassion in it’s wake


A side effect, to be sure.


So no need to fight, beloved

I have never met a man with a peaceful heart that rapes women, kills children or tortures beings

So “ Yes ” is my answer