I am grateful for the wind and the rain on my skin

The sheltering stars for me and my kin

You cradled us softly and warm in your arms

Your trees with strength, your sun with warmth

The children grew strong and kind on this ground

Explored their world in your rocks, sand and found -

A place where seeds grow roots that are deep and strong

That nurture life for seasons to come

I pray thee thanks for the life that I had -

 Here in this place that I called my pad

My home, the very first one that I have ever known

The words fail me for what I’ve been shown

Here, on this island, in dreamtime I have grown

From mud to lotus…………………………….


And now this life seems to come to an end

Not my will, but this willow will bend

The time has come to leave the nest

And explore new worlds, uncharted lands, old paths layed to rest

I pray for life’s richness to rest deep in my chest

Where the rain and the wind touches my skin

In peace and communion with the rest of my kin


katharina hirsch