Insecurity, expression, joy, magical sound within.

Finding the connection, in vibration, your tone, your unique sound, so powerful, so clear.

Tears arise.

Nothing to say... recognition... being seen... seeing oneself without noticing.

The sound occurs, springing with force and clarity.

Why is that so frightening?

The sinking into the unknown, uncontrollable.

The world seeing what is waiting, myself, feeling what is there.

Inside behind the veil so pure, so tender, so fragile with endless strength.

Just being there, accepting.

Seeing fears for fears, laughter for laughter, silence for silence.

No rewards, no illusions. Terror for terror.

The walls are breaking, crumbling dry and old.

Making room for the new tender growth of spring.

What are we afraid of? The boogeyman? Fear itself?

Crippling withdrawal and lies. Hiding in our corner, Gollum afraid to see the light.

What if we “loose ourselves”?

Isn’t that what we desire by “falling in love”?

And then again so afraid to feel the moment, the intimacy understanding with your heart.

Ka-boom, ka-boom.... beating, harmonizing, steady. Still the greatest power on earth.

So be it.

May the towers fall, crumbling to the ground while the trumpets announcing the splendor of delight in expression

Intimacy with self, home residing in vibration.