The house: 1500sqf.







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  f house dayton may 2013 005 800 g kitchen new bnb800

    c deck bnb new 800      hammock  800   




Seminar room:





Pergo/ wood Floor, Full Kitchen, Large Fireplace, Lots of windows


ideal for gatherings, Seminars, Meetings, Presentations.







e house dayton may 2013 001800



Meditation/Movement Yurt:

30 feet Diameter. Glass Windows, 2 Doors, Deck, Wall to Wall Carpet, Wood Stove



     q Yurt 800








  • Private Ponds,,   800-Big Pond Looking North   800-Big Pond Spillway 800-Over Looking Pond 2   800-Pond 1 berm north growing season
  • Gardens e 800-Poppies with Yurt   800-Garden fairy   800-Parsnip Yarrow B. Buttons   800-dayton may 2013 014  800-Quan Yin   Strawberry Stone 800
  •   b 800-waterways dayton